Infographic: Change the Trend on Holiday Drinking & DUIs

A fatal collision following a Thanksgiving party. A teen starts the new year in a wheelchair because of an alcohol-related crash. A repeat drunk driver kills three on Christmas Day.

This time of year brings celebrations, time with family, joy, and peace. Unfortunately, a dramatic increase in DUI offenses and alcohol-related highway deaths has also become a tradition of the season.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Share this Holiday Drinking & DUI infographic to raise awareness and help Change the Trend. And visit the SCRAM Systems Holiday Resource Guide for more information on holiday drinking data and tips to support sobriety this season.

SCRAM Systems Sober Days for the Holidays

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3 Responses to “Infographic: Change the Trend on Holiday Drinking & DUIs”

  1. That first statistic is so sad. 58% of alcohol related deaths happen over the new years holiday. One of those drunk drivers was me for many years and I feel truly blessed to be alive and well today. This is powerful information, I only wish that information was enough to scare most of these people from drinking and driving over the holidays.

  2. Greta DUI infographic – Colorado DUI’s are no Joke.

  3. Hello,

    I would like to use your infographic in our Johnny Boards but I would have to reduce it to fit in the specs, can I have your permission to use your work?